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In this course, you will learn about basic of Android and in-depth knowledge of both languages including Mobile UI Design.

1 Live Project 2 Months 5-10 hrs/week

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Course Introduction+
  • Using of Multi Media
  • Processor Identification
  • Mother Board Parls Identification
  • SMPS Working Process
  • Identification of Ram
  • Identification of Hard Disc
  • Identification of Mother Board Processor Slot
  • What is O.S Instalation
  • Operating System Instalation
  • Windows XP Instaltion
  • Windows Vista Instaltion
  • Win 7 Instaltion
  • Win 8 Instaltion
  • Win 10 Instaltion
  • Linux Instaltion
  • Sound Drivers Instaltion
  • Graphic Drivers Instaltion
  • Network Controller Drivers
  • VSB Controlling Drivers
  • VGA (Display) Drivers Instaltion
Introduction to XCODE+
  • Mother Board Assembling
  • SMPS Assembling
  • Processor
  • Processor Fan
  • RAM Insert
  • Hard Disc
  • Cable Connection
  • Port Connection
  • Laptop Screen Removed & Assembling
Autolayouts +
  • How to go to BIOS
  • How to Reset BIOS
  • How to Remove & Scoldering BIOS Chip Set
UserDefaults +
  • Input & Output Voltage Identification
  • Colour Coding voltage
  • Checking SMPS Working or Not
  • Uses of SMPS
Customization and Usage of UI elements+
  • Identification of (SATA & IDE) Hard Disc
  • How to Remove Bad Sectors
  • How to do Data Recovery
  • How to Repair Hard Disc

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